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What name can I register?

A number of domain names is reserved for domain names, registration and use is made of special rules. The list, as well as the rules of registration and administration of the Fund shall be approved and posted on the website at "".

Domain name is not included in the list of reserved names can be registered on the application of any has applied the face. An exhaustive list of reasons why the Registrar may refuse to register a domain name contained in these regulations.

Domain name registration is carried out to further the use of resources to address a user on the Internet. User chooses a domain name and shall be liable for any infringement of the rights of third parties relating to the selection and use of the domain name, but also carries risk of losses associated with such disorders. In order to prevent possible violations of the user is recommended before applying to make sure there are no similarities with the domain name registered by trademark and other intellectual property.

Domain name registration is carried out on the basis of the application user. The application shall be accepted for consideration, subject cpr144449003101 to the Terms of Agreement. Adopted by users of the application for registration of domain names are considered in turn.

Grounds for refusal are: (1) the availability of a domain name in the Register, (2) the domain name in the list of reserved names, (3) the use of a domain name words, contrary to the public interest, humanitarian principles or morality (eg obscene words, inhuman nature of the calls that offend human dignity or religious feelings).