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.su Domains Dispute & Policy

Administrator shall not be entitled to cede rights to the other person to give up the domain name, as well as support to pass the domain name to another registrar in the event the court (arbitration) claim in connection with the domain name. Registrar monitors compliance with this limitation the receipt of evidence of action. The restriction in effect until the Administrator has provided the Registrar proof of termination of the proceedings, but can be kept continuously up to 45 calendar days. During the period of limitations the Administrator may with the consent of the Registrar to transfer the domain administration rights to the person presenting the claim, if this action is clearly aimed at resolving the dispute.

Registrar shall cease administration right after the receipt of evidence of that came into force the decision of the court: (1) prohibits the Administrator to use the domain name in the designation, rights to the plaintiff, (2) recognizes the administration of the domain Administrator of a violation of the rights of the plaintiff (if the use of such means of restoring infringed the right not to contradict the judgment) (3) otherwise binding the Administrator to refuse a domain name. Since taking the above decisions into effect the Administrator may not support domain transfer to another registrar. Cancellation of registration or transfer of the domain administration rights to another person shall be allowed only if these actions are clearly aimed at the execution of the judgment. person in whose favor the award has been made has priority right domain name registration. To implement this law the plaintiff must, within 60 days after the court decision comes into force an agreement with their favorite registrar and confirm your consent to receive the domain administration rights.

Registrar and the Fund shall be liable to the Administrator for cpr144449003101 any actions aimed at execution of a legally valid judgment.

If third parties bring a lawsuit to the Registrar (the Fund) in connection with the registration or use of the domain name, the Administrator shall, at their request, to participate in on the side of the Registrar (the Fund), as well as reimburse the Registrar (the Fund), damages (including costs of legal assistance and representation in court) incurred by the Registrar and to the Fund in connection with this claim.