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Trustee Service for Domain Registrations - Local Presence Service

Trustee Service

Registering a ccTLD but need a local presence? Get your online presence in almost any country of the world done the right way! has reliable trustee connections in over 58 countries to make your registration as simple as possible.

What Trustee Service Is

Because many country registries assign domain names differently, having a flexibile way to register a ccTLD is needed. Sometimes called "local presence" or "proxy service", Trustee Service can get around the variety of registration processes that require contacts with a physical address in that particular country. Because our trustee list is a cultivated network of reliable and trusted business and legal professionals, you can count on our service to make your registration a frustration free experience.

How Trustee Service Works

If a domain name you've chosen requires local presence in that country, the option to order Trustee Service in that country for the domain name will be available at checkout. Because another party becomes tied to your domain name, a contract defining the right of the domain name's ownership as well as any rights and liabilities between you and the trustee may need your signature. Just as easily, a registration may require a local administrative contact and require no contracts.

What TLDs are Covered

Currently, trustee service is offered for the following ccTLDs:

Can't find a local contact on this list? Please contact us or call us +1-760-736-3700.


Although we strive to provide secure Trustee Service, there are some risks, and we cannot be held liable for the following:

  • the availability of the Domain Name applied for; and/or
  • the problems that may hinder any usage of the Domain Name, if any such problem is a result of circumstances over which the Agent has no control, such as technical or administrative problems at the Registry or change of rules/laws/policies of the Registry. This list of circumstances and events over which the Agent has no control is not exhaustive and the Agent reserves the right to solely determine what type of circumstances that shall be considered being outside of its control.