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IP Access Logger Account Security

IP Access Logger

Once your domain is registered and active in our system, you will see this setting available in your domain name settings screen if Domain Locking is available for your domain name.

Review and monitor your Account logs for suspicious activity. If you notice an unfamiliar IP Address or abnormal activity, change your password immediately to protect yourself.

How does it work?

The IP Access Logger is automatically provided on all
Domain Control Panel Administrator accounts. To view, go
to the Account tab when logged in to your account. You can view your access logs which display date, time, IP address, and country of origin. Clicking on the IP address in question reveals additional details about the IP address in question.

Gain peace of mind by seeing first-hand who is working in your account and when.


  • Allows you to view your account access log with the click of the mouse.
  • View access logs for up to 365 days
  • Adds a FREE automatic layer of protection
  • Works as an audit and security trail for peace of mind

Good For:

  • Monitors suspicious activity on your account by allowing you to view login activity
  • Allows you to see who has accessed your account recently
  • Secures peace of mind for your domains and your account