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Domain Locking - Registrar Lock / Locking

Domain Lock

Often referred to as REGISTRAR-LOCK, the Domain Locking service sets your domain name registered with us to LOCKED status to prevent your domain name from being updated or transferred without you first unlocking your domain from within your account. Your domain can still be renewed and will be included in the zone.

How does it work?

Once your domain is registered and active in our system, you will see this setting available in your domain name settings screen if Domain Locking is available for your domain name.

To lock or unlock your domain, log in to your account and select your domain name(s) from the list. Click the "Enabled" button on the menu, choose your options, confirm your changes and you are all set!

There are two Domain Locking settings to choose from:

  • Domain Update Lock—protects against DNS modifications, updating the auth code, and various other modifications. A domain name with this status lock is included in the zone files, can be transferred, deleted, and renewed.
  • Domain Transfer Lock—protects from unauthorized transfers out of our system to another Registrar. A domain name with this lock is included in the zone files, can be updated, deleted and renewed.


  • Safeguards against unauthorized or accidental updates to your domain
  • Safeguards against unauthorized or accidental transfer out of your domain
  • Adds a lock at the Registrar/Registry level

Good For:

  • Safeguarding against unauthorized or inadvertent changes to your domain names
  • Managing statuses of large domain portfolios