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Domains by Country offers International European Domain Registration in over 60 Countries. offers International Domain Registration in over 245 Countries. Please check all Domain Name Registration Rules. features 128 European Domains from over 52 European Countries. As a leader in international domain registration, can you help navigate through each country's registration process to secure you domain name.

The European continent is the largest economy in the world and represents the largest wealth in the world with over one third of the world's wealth. The European Union (EU) was founded in 1993 and as of 2013 it has 28 members. Currently, it has five countries in the top ten of the world's largest national economies. Workforce growth in the EU is driven by growth in the service sector while agriculture and industry has dropped over the recent 50 years.

European Union accounts for just under 20% of the world's exports and just under 20% of the world's imports. While's European domain registration includes countries that are not part of the EU, it is important for all European corporations, both large and small, to establish and maintain their internet presence. Our team of international domain registration experts will help guide people through the registration process to ensure that all documents and requirements are met.

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