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What name can I register?

.SM domain names cannot contain any obscene words and names incorporating foul language or names that do not comply with the Laws of Mauritius.

1. Regulations for Assignment of a Domain name
These rules describe the fundamental instructions to be followed to define a domain name within the space for San Marino names. Checks to ensure that registration requests conform to these instructions are carried out by the RA. The RA is entitled to request the intervention of the NA in all cases of contention or ambiguity. The sole function of domain names is to unambiguously identify groups of objects (services, machinery, post boxes, etc.) present in the network. Generally speaking any San Marino or overseas organization may request the assignment of a domain name providing the present regulations are observed.
2. Assignment of a domain name
The procedure for the assignment of a domain name concludes when the name is loaded into the RA database. The name is loaded only if the RA has received the requested documentation, with all parts complete and correct, and checked the actual functionality, i.e. the correct operability, of the name servers authorizing the domain name.
3. Reserved names
In addition to those indicated in State and N.A. documents, reserved names shall be considered as:
• names made up of one or two characters;
• all units of measurement (Km, Mhz, etc.);
• names of protocols cpr144449003101 (e.g. http, ftp, telnet, etc.);
• names of technologies (e.g. gsm, umts, esp);
• names of gTLDs (e.g. com, net, org, biz, etc.);
• geographic names and initials of the Republic of San Marino, names and initials of the Castelli (municipalities) and places of the Republic of San Marino;
• names referring to gaming and to betting in general;
• trademarks, symbols, flags, logotypes and anything else reserved by law and regulations;
also considered as reserved names, and as such not assignable to other organizations, are all names of San Marino Institutions in general, the San Marino public administration, Independent State Companies, Institutions in general or domain names capable of representing them (e.g. and anything else reserved by law and regulations. Exceptions are possible only if the name of a company or trademark corresponds to one of the objects listed above and only if authorized by the NA.
4. Limitations
Domain names shall be granted for use by the RA to the applicant, following the chronological order of requests. It is not possible to reserve or book a domain name. A domain name cannot be considered as pre-reserved for any reason. Domain names with evident pornographic references and/or content of an offensive or discriminatory nature with regard to gender, race, religions and political faith shall not be granted.