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.sm San Marino Country Information

Most Serene Republic of San Marino is a country in the Apennine Mountains. It is a landlocked enclave, completely surrounded by Italy. One of the European microstates, San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe.

San Marino claims to be the oldest constitutional republic in the world and that it was founded on 3 September 301 by Marinus of Rab, a Christian stonemason fleeing the religious persecution of Roman Emperor Diocletian. San Marino's constitution, dating back to 1600, is the world's oldest written constitution still in effect.

San Marino is an enclave in Italy, on the border between the regioni of Emilia Romagna and Marche. Its topography is dominated by the Apennines mountain range, and it has a rugged terrain. The highest point in the country, Monte Titano, is situated at 749 metres (2,457 ft) above sea level. There are no bodies of water of any significant size.

San Marino is the third-smallest country in Europe, with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller.

The climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and mild winters. The National Center of Meteorology and Climatology of San Marino provide the local forecasts. Proposed weather services for business and the public include Web cams and Online meteorological and climate data of San Marino. Meteo San Marino - The National Center of Meteorology And Climatology of San Marino.

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