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.ong FAQ

What name can I register?

Naming Policy

The PIR Registry permits .ngo|.ong Registrants to register the following types of domain name bundles:

1. the name of (entire or portion of) the NGO, e.g. its “doing business as” name;
2. an acronym representing the NGO;
3. a name that recognizes or generally describes the NGO; or
4. a name related to the mission or activities of the NGO.

Anti-Abuse Policy

Technical abusive use(s) of .ngo|.ong domain names will not be tolerated. The nature of such abuses creates security and stability issues for the registry, registrars and registrants, as well as for users of the Internet in general. Public Interest Registry defines abusive use of a domain as the wrong or excessive use of power, position or ability, and includes, without limitation, the following:

· Illegal or fraudulent actions;

o Spam

o Phishing

o Pharming

o Willful distribution of malware

o Fast flux hosting: Fast flux hosting may be cpr144449003101 used only with prior permission of Public Interest Registry

o Botnet command and control

o Distribution of child pornography

o Illegal Access to Other Computers or Networks

Public Interest Registry will reserve the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration or transaction, or place any domain name(s) on registry lock, hold or similar status, that it deems necessary, in its discretion. Public Interest Registry will also reserve the right to place upon registry lock, hold or similar status a domain name during resolution of a dispute.

Content and Use Restriction Policy

Abusive use of the .ngo|.ong domain names will not be tolerated by Public Interest Registry. The following use and content limitations apply:

· Overall the .ngo|.ong domain name must be for a bona fide NGO use, as defined in the

· Restrictions Dispute Resolution Policy, see Section 8.8 below.

· Websites must be developed with the intent to promote the corresponding NGO or ONG for commercialized or for-profit marketing usage.

· Any use of the registered domain name to engage in activities inconsistent with the definition of the corresponding NGO or ONG is not allowed.

· Any illegal or fraudulent usage of the .ngo|.ong domain name is not allowed, including but not limited to phishing and pharming attacks, distribution of malware, and distribution of adult content.

· Registration and use of a domain name in violation of Rights Protection Mechanisms is not allowed.