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What name can I register?

The Domain Applicant is free to select the name of the domain to be delegated within the framework of law and the Rules and Procedures, at the same time the Domain Applicant shall act with utmost care in selecting the domain name so as the domain name selected by the Domain Applicant and the application for and the use of it shall not violate the rights of other persons or entities (e.g. the right of exclusive names, the right of privacy, the right of the dead, the right of intellectual property, etc.). Domain Applicants shall be expected to check the commercial register or the trademark database.

No such domain name may be selected and used as, in terms of its meaning and/or use, is suspected of being:

a) illegal, or
b) shocking, horrifying, or
c) delusive.

No such domain name may be selected as:

a) is already registered under cpr144449003101 the particular public domain, or
b) belongs to the protected or blocked names published on the web server.

In case of delegation directly under the .hu public domain:

a) local municipalities only may be Domain Applicants for domains identified with settlements with a municipality, or
b) the official representation only of the particular country may be a Domain Applicant for domains identified with country names (in Hungarian, English and the own language of the country).

This restriction shall not apply to delegation directly under second level public domains.

Such domain names shall be selected in applications for delegation directly under the second level public domain as are the trademarks of the Domain Applicant.