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Last Update 20 August 2012. The most recent source for domains dispute policy can be found at (only available in Hungarian):

The following is a machine translated version.

Registration Döntnök Rules of procedure
for directly. com top-level Internet domain under delegated közdomainjei domain names the subject of disputes arising

I Concepts:
1st: Registration Döntnök (Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum) directly to the. com top-level Internet domain közdomainjei under delegated domain names the subject of a dispute arising out of court (alternative) dispute resolution forum in which this task of the Hungarian Internet Providers Scientific Council of the request of the Domain Registration Rules and present rules of procedure carried out.
2nd: Döntnök The Registration process for. com top level domain közdomainjei domains delegated under the subject of ongoing court dispute settlement proceedings.
3rd: applied for the domain user who has been delegated for a particular domain.
4th: Applicant to whom the rights or legitimate interests in the domain name applied for by the use breach.
5th: Request applied for a domain name used by the Applicant to withdraw or transfer the benefit of submissions which the applicant initiates the registration procedure Döntnök.
6th: Döntnök the umpires list, and dispute resolution, the contribution of the present rules of procedure in writing a natural person may be taking. The umpires may be a list of recognized experts who have the domain registration, information on the Internet and legal issues in the field of jártasságukról already been sufficiently demonstrated. The umpires list containing the names and professional qualifications of the Internet website of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum shall be published.
7th: Registration Manager in the public domain (keeping, maintaining and making available to the public domain under the delegated domain-related information).
8th: Registrar of the Registry service organizations authorized by either a client applying for or using the domain of free selection and assignment of a contractual relationship with the client to the domain delegation and registration and domain maintenance related to the affairs.
9th: Domain Registration Rules of the Scientific Council of Hungarian Internet Service Providers Association's. en delegation during the public domain, the registrant must, and maintenance in order to ensure uniform, the domain users and protect the rights of others in 2001. CVIII. 15 of the Act / The self-contained in § alive with possibilities created rules that web site is available.
10th: is the substance use domain : the domain name constitutes use of the substance, especially if it is demonstrated that electronic correspondence, for longer, misused, or if a particular domain name, in connection with the actual content of the web site service or, in the particular domain is associated with a name containing the web page shows the actual content of the web page domain name and establish a relationship between the domain name.
11th: Business Day means any day from Monday to Friday, except for the days that legislation (Labour Code, § 125th (3)) for the work days are considered holidays. If the Registration Döntnök Rules of Procedure of the closing date of Saturday, Sunday or public holiday falls on the date of the next business day thereafter.
II. Jurisdiction:
12th: The Registration Döntnök as defined in the Domain Registration Rules and Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum, any act, directly to the. Com top-level domain under delegated public domain formed the subject of debate. The registration process Döntnök the Domain Registration Rules 10.1. as defined in the present Rules of Procedure on the basis of the procedural rules.
13th: The Registration Döntnök also acts as the dispute to decide which parties to the dispute it has been delegated, in which the parties submit to the Registration Döntnök as an alternative forum for dispute resolution powers. The. Com under delegated public domains outside the subject of disputes concerning the procedural rules of procedure of applying for registration Döntnök parties and the procedure established jointly by the designated Döntnök.
III. Communications and notices
14th: The registration process Döntnök Hungarian language, in writing, by electronic means. If the applicant does not indicate the application of the applied for or administrative contact's e-mail address and Registration Döntnök domain names are a public register (whois) can not acquire knowledge of the applied for and the administrative contact e-levélcíméről, the application Kérelmezettnek by mail should be sent with a call to a substantive defense to submit electronically ..
15th: The Applicant or Kérelmezettnek on written notice to the contrary statement in the absence of content electronically over the Internet to be sent to them, provided that notice of the transfer of a fixed form factor available. Registration materials are sent to the Kérelmezettnek Döntnök the administrative contact person shall be sent, if different from that applied to the person. All notices shall be sent to the address, which is led by the Registry to register. All notices received by the applied for should be considered if received at least the administrative contact.
16th: The correspondence and notices received by the recipient shall be considered if the electronic notification is received in the Registration umpire confirmation that the mail system of the recipient forwarded the email service provider and received confirmation that it was displayed to the recipient. In the absence of such confirmation Registration Döntnök two more times attempting to electronic documents sent to the recipient. If one does not arrive in time for Döntnök Registration confirmation, the shipment by mail, registered, recorded delivery letter to be sent to the recipient. Were sent by mail when the item will be deemed to be delivered if the recipient refused to accept. In the event that the item "not collected" indication is returned, it must be re-sent to the recipient, or if the recipient is applied for, and the administrative contact for the same applied, in which case the Registrar is applied for. If the item a second time "not collected" indication is returned, it shall be deemed delivered .. In this case, the calculation time of the return receipt back from the day following the date of arrival starts ..
IV. Procedure:
17th: The registration process Döntnök application starts. Request an applicant applied for only one other, but the subject of several domain name may bring forward. The application is submitted simultaneously with the registration process of the Döntnök Appendix Döntnök account established in the Registration fee to be paid.
18th: The application for registration Döntnök website ( ) published form should be submitted by filling. The application shall contain the following information:
a) Applicant name, address, e-mail address, or e-mail address of the person who is authorized to represent the Applicant;
b) the requested domain name (names), date of registration;
c) applied for, the administrative contact person's name, address and e-mail address (if known);
d) an indication that the Applicant in the application, taking a personal or three of its members carried out the procedure calls;
e) the applicant's presentation to the requested domain name applied for by the use of what violates the Applicant's right to or legitimate interest in the name of the indication that a valid Hungarian and Community Right-protected name, or a use of the Applicant by a Hungarian Community or authorized by law;
f) the Applicant's performance, why the same or may be confused with the requested domain name with the name of which the Applicant is entitled to use, and why illegal or fraudulent claim to the domain name applied for, or use;
g) the Applicant applied for the domain name to withdraw from the Applicant and the Applicant's application for transfer of the benefit;
h) The applicant's statement that
i. submit to the Registration Döntnök decision,
ii. consent to the procedure for the registration Döntnök manage your personal information;
iii. contributes to the decision of the Applicant Registration Döntnök together with the data published;
iv. acknowledge that the requested domain name assets and appeal rights only applied for against enforced, and waive all claims of and remedies of the acting Döntnökkel, the Registration umpires maintain the legal person, with the Registry and the Registrar over unless those persons with the matter relating to intentional unlawful conduct can be proved.
19th: The Applicant's request for the information contained therein may be accompanied by supporting evidence, they are also in electronic form, attached to your application form, to send for the Registration Döntnök.
20th: The Registration Döntnök receipt of the request to examine the formal point of view. If the application form is incomplete, does not contain the mandatory elements of content, or if the applicant submitting the application at the same time failed to pay the procedural fee, the registration deadline for Döntnök eight working days of the deficiency calls for the applicant. If the invitation to correct defects in the applicant meets the prescribed period, the Registration Döntnök initiate the process, otherwise the procedure is denied. If the procedure applied for the award of this notice on despite pay, so the procedure is terminated without notice.
21st: The application and processing fee receipt of the Registration Döntnök immediately notify the Registry of the Applicant's identity and the domain name, and calls to suspend the domain name involved from cancellation or delegated to the dispute resolution procedure and any subsequent legal process is completed .
22nd: The Registration Döntnök a person is acting, unless the applicant submitting the application at the same time, or applied for a substantive response to the documents in the case of three-member requests discussion, or if the Registration Döntnök this is considered justified. If the council of three members to the procedure applied for calls to the Registration Döntnök cpr144449003101 it will only meet if it is a personal process and a three-member council to pay the difference between the procedure applied for the documents in response to sending the same pay. The council procedures are the same procedural rules as the umpire is a personal process, the fact that the decision of the majority vote of the members.

The Registration Döntnök the application and processing fee receipt within 8 working days after the Applicant in the opening of one-time notification to send the request to the Kérelmezettnek and administrative kapcsolattartónakA Registration Döntnök the application and its attachments to send the Kérelmezettnek that's meaningful defense no later than 30 working days to present. The Kérelmezettet should be informed that presenting a meaningful defense at the same time may require the application of three members of the council for consideration. The applied for should be advised that, should not present a meaningful defense, the recognition of the presumption contained in the application means and Döntnök the available evidence suggests that decision.

23rd: The substantive defense to the Registration Döntnök sent by the Applicant that it may make a statement within 3 working days. Upon expiry of the application Döntnök the subject of a decision.
24th: The Registration Statements Döntnök leader of the receipt of applications and deadlines or eight working days from the expiry of the case before selecting the umpire, and the procedure for the case of three council members. The designation shall immediately declare Döntnök whether to approve or refuse access. To refuse appointment only thoroughly justified cases. We must reject the designation in the event of a dispute with the designated Döntnök affected and unable to be impartial and independent decision. Decline in the Registration Döntnök immediately arrange a new appointment Döntnök.

Döntnök of Registration within 30 working days to take the decision.

V. Sun The termination of the procedure to pause
25th:The registration process Döntnök they shall terminate without decision on the merits, if
a) becomes aware that the requested domain name is the subject of the Applicant and the procedure was applied for in the process of closing the merits was a final court decision or other alternative dispute resolution forum for decision;
b) the applicant withdrew the application;
c) the Applicant applied for and jointly announce that the requested domain name is the subject of agreement between them was established.
26th: The registration process will pause Döntnök if
a) becomes aware that the requested domain name is the subject of the Applicant and requested in a court or other alternative dispute resolution forum or authority is pending in the proceeding has been finally closing court or alternative dispute resolution forum takes a decision, or, failing that, the other procedure is discontinued ;
b) if the requested domain name registration in respect of the umpire had already submitted an application to the previous application in respect of decisions taken.
VI. Decision:
27th: The Registration Döntnök the Applicant and requested written submissions, as well as records kept by the Registry on the Internet and in data taken by the decision.
28th: The Registration Döntnök decision, granting the request if the requested domain to the withdrawal or transfer in favor of the Applicant may require. If the Applicant requests the transfer of the domain name, it may be, mutatis mutandis, to withdraw a request for a domain name should also be considered. The transfer of the domain name when the decision granting the application can only be ordered if the applicant meets the Domain Registration Rules relating to the transfer requirements. If the application for registration Döntnök find no merit, it is rejected.
29th: The domain name registration Döntnök the withdrawal or transfer orders in favor of the Applicant, if the domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a name a name that is a force in favor of the Applicant or Hungarian is protected by Community law, or for the use of the Applicant a Hungarian, or entitled under Community law, and where:
a) applied for the domain name without having claimed that the name is right or legitimate interest in, or
b) applied for the required name in bad faith or is made in bad faith.
30th: The relevant domain name a legitimate interest in the case demonstrated, where:
a) Applyee notice prior to the domain name or a name corresponding to the domain name in connection with the offering of goods or services used or made demonstrable preparation to do so, or
b) The requested person to whom the domain name of the well-known name, or
c) legally and applied for the purpose of resale or fair use of the domain name, without intent to deceive users, or to damage the reputation of a name, which authorized the use of another person.
31st: The domain name application or use in bad faith may be demonstrated if:
a) the circumstances indicate that the domain name primarily for the purpose requested, whether the person is entitled to use the transfer for consideration, use or otherwise provide for remuneration or;
b) the domain name applied for in order to prevent that is authorized to use the name in a corresponding domain name, provided that:
i. applied for a pattern of such conduct can be proved or
ii. the domain name to the date of registration at least two years has not been used properly or
c) the domain name primarily for the purpose has been registered in that disrupting the professional activities of a competitor, or
d) the domain name was intentionally used to attract Internet users gain the Applyee website or other on-line location, by the domain name may be confused with a name whose use of other licensees, and the confusion of the applied for online website or on-line or by way of the advertised product or service, or any other web site or on-line information base to address, or
e) the domain name registered is a personal name, which a user of the domain name of the domain name registered, there is no demonstrable link.
32nd: The Registration Döntnök one occasion, the procedure six months to be suspended, if applied for the domain name of the proceeding, within two years as required, and that is fair, legitimate uses of the procedure before the opening has not yet had the opportunity, but declares that the merits of the proceeding, to use within six months of start. If the deadline passes without result, and if the requested domain name does not justify the use of the substance, 33 b. point of bad faith can be established.
33rd: Registration for the decision in the proceeding Döntnök way of communication by e-mail sent by the Applicant, the Kérelmezettnek, the administrative contact person, and the Registry ..
34th: The Registry and the Registrar submitted to the Registration Döntnök powers, so the decision being notified within 30 days will be implemented, unless the parties to the decision being transmitted within 30 days of proof of registration Döntnök to the requested domain objects in between court proceedings are process.
35th: If the Registration Döntnök the domain name of the applicant to transfer orders, but the applicant does not comply with the Domain Registration Rules for transfer conditions, the Registry of the decisions during the implementation of the domain name from that applied to withdraw, and to the withdrawal within 60 days only Applicants may submit a claim for domain delegation. The 60-day grace period after the domain name for any new application will delegálhatóvá.
VII. Public, the legal practice of traceability:
36th: The registration procedure for data Döntnök knowledge the traditional rights of the public.
37th: The Applicant applied for and the name of the requested domain name, and the decision has been given to the 2007th After March 1 to the Registration Döntnök proceedings to be published on the Internet.
VIII. Final provisions:
38th: The intentional unlawful conduct, except any of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum, maintenance entity, nor your Registration umpire process acting in the people, not by the Registry or the Registrar is not liable because the Domain Registration Rules and this code of practice within the framework of action has been or the procedure is denied.
39th: The Registration Döntnök rules of procedure of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum to maintain a legal person with the agreement of the Registry at any time. Registration procedure is initiated by the umpires was initiated procedural rules in force.
40th: The present Rules of Procedure of Registration Döntnök 2009. as of March 1, and the applicable procedures initiated after that date.