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.film General FAQ

Films are a big business and a huge industry. Currently there are thousands of websites devoted to the promotion of new films, the tribute to old films as well as numerous websites providing film ratings, reviews, showtime information and rental options. .film will create the unified space needed to accommodation the film industry and its overwhelming presence on the internet.

Currently websites promoting films just use the title in .COM while others add on the word "film" or "movie" to the end of the phase such as "". This lack of consistency causes internet users that are looking a specific film no real standard to rely on when searching. Using a .film will distinguish a website as being related to the film industry.

The applicant, The Film Registry, Inc. wants the .film namespace to provide brand protection and simplified marketing on the internet for all theatrical releases enabling an end to user confusion. Additionally, the .film namespace allows current and future digital consumer delivery mechanisms to function simply, for example, digital delivery of movie titles to consumers through
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