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.tatar Domain Information

Applicant Full Legal Name

Limited Liability Company ʺCoordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republicʺ

Legal Establishment

Limited Liability Company

Applicant Address

52, Peterburgskaya St.
Kazan 420107

State Jurisdiction

(i) Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Part 1) from 30/11/1994 #51-FZ (ii) The Federal Law of 08/02/1998 #14-FZ ʺOn Limited Liability Companiesʺ

Applicant Website

not available

Applied for gTLD


Mission/Purpose of Domain Extension

.TATAR pursues an ambitious goal to add to the current linguistic diversity and ethnic representation on the global Internet by creating a domain space projecting throughout the Internet a rich culture, unique history and traditions shared by a huge vibrant Tatars community both in Russia and the... Read more


A venue for dialogue and creative engagement of all the parties concerned, .TATAR will serve as an on-line platform to represent the Tatars on the Internet as an ethnic group, with its background, language, historic and cultural riches. For academic and experts, and other parties concerned, both... Read more

Operational Rules and Cost Benefits

The Registry Operator recognizes that launching the new gTLD is a very challenging process that can cause potential inconveniences for Internet users. This is why the Registry Operator plans to implement the operating rules to regulate terms and conditions of registering and/or using second-level... Read more

Is this a Community-based TLD?


Community Description Details

The applied-for TLD .TATAR is designated for a specific ethnic and language community Tatars (Tatar: Tatarlar / Татарлар, sometimes spelled Tartars). Tatars are Turkic-speaking people numbering roughly 8m worldwide. Most Tatars (around 5.5m) reside in Russian Federation, of whom over 2m are... Read more

Applicant Community Relationship

The Coordination Center for the Regional Domain for the Republic of Tatarstan, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Applicant) is a newly established legal entity to operate the applied-for gTLD. Its mission and objectives have earned support from leading civil society organizations in the Republic... Read more

Community-based Purpose

.TATAR is intended primarily for the Tatar-language and cultural Community. There are a. 8m Tatars worldwide, with 5.5m of them being 2nd to Russians biggest ethnic group in Russia. Tatars reside across Eurasia - from Romania and the Baltics to Middle Asia and China. The Tatar language belongs in... Read more

Domain Extension Community Relationship

As noted above, Tatar is both a self-acquired name of the people in question and the name under which it was known worldwide for centuries. Tatar clearly identifies the people, their native language and cannot be confused with any other object, substance and phenomenon, material or otherwise, in... Read more

Intended Community-based Registration Policies

Any corporation or individual has the right to register a second-level domain in .TATAR, provided the prospective registrant fully shares and supports .TATAR's mission, purposes and philosophy. During the Sunrise period, the following prospective registrants will become eligible for registrations... Read more

Is this a Geographic-based TLD?


Protection of Geographic Names

1. PROTECTION OF GEOGRAPHIC NAMES The Applicant will comply with requirements to geographic names protection stipulated in the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Principles regarding New gTLDs presented on March 28, 2007, and in Specification 5 to the Registry Agreement. The Applicant is bound... Read more