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Whois .gop domain lookup for Whois GOP Republican Server - GOP Republican Delegation Record for .gop Domains

Delegation Record
For .gop GOP Republican

Sponsoring Organization

Republican State Leadership Committee, Inc.
1201 F Street NW Suite 675 Washington DC 20004
United States

Sub Domains

Administrative Contact

VP Sales and Marketing
Republican State Leadership Committee
1201 F Street NW Suite 675 Washington DC 20004
United States
Voice: +1.2024487988

Technical Contact

Director of Software Development
Minds + Machines Ltd
32 Nassau St, Dublin 2
Voice: +353.14301689

Name Servers

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Domain Information

Domain Name Services
IANA is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a number of key aspects of the DNS, including the root zone, and the .intand .arpa domains.

The DNS Root Zone IANA is the global coordinator of the DNS root. The root is the upper-most part of the DNS hierarchy, and involves delegating administrative responsibility of “top-level domains”, which are the last segment of a domain name, such as .gop. Part of this task includes evaluating requests to change the operators of country code domains, as well as day-to-day maintenance of the details of the existing operators.