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The mission of .space is to serve as a blank canvas on the Internet, for anyone across the globe. The namespace is not specialized, or themed, and is open to all. It is boundless and multi-dimensional. The new TLD's name space is wide open for everyone to paint their dreams. Space always welcomes expansion and abundance, so registrants will find their choice of domain names, and allow for unrestricted, uncategorized innovation and growth. The .space extension will remain always open to new frontiers, exploration and innovation in all fields of human endeavour.

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Launch Schedule For New gTLDs

  • 2011
    • June 20, 2011 Applicant Guidebook Approved by ICANN
  • 2012
    • January 2012 Application Round Opens
    • June 2012 Applications Made Public
  • 2014
    • Early 2014 Additions of gTLDs To Root Zone
    • Late 2014 Registration Begins