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.wine General FAQ

.wine is one of the new proposed generic top-level domains (gTLD). It is intended to promote the wine industry worldwide via a domain name extension that allows an immediate search engine indexing and an instinctive search on Internet. The .wine is the place where all those who need to meet on the web in the vicinity of the word wine: professionals, firms, experts, authors, amateurs, consumers, exports, teachers, journalists, etc.

.wine will be intended for Wine exporters on internet and those who need to address the whole world; teachers and students in a field that even has a dedicated MBA in Bordeaux and who need to communicate with other universities worldwide; consumers who need to find certain articles and compare them with others, before buying wine; wine growers who need to introduce prospective buyers with their products; internet online websites which need to present their different offers; authors and web enthusiasts who are going to express their views in their blogs; programmers who are going to develop applications for the wine industry (classification, sales ...); sales websites and on-line services which are going to ease the exchanges and sales operations to sell wine; manufacturing firms whom specialized in winemaking.
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