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What name can I register?

Tonic has reserved a number of trademark and copyrighted names. If you are trying to register a name and find that it has been reserved, please email for more information if you have specific questions or needs. Other than reserved names, all names are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

.TO does not allow intentional homonym registrations. .TO has zero tolerance of malicious use of our ccTLD domain namespace. Registrations that are reported to be a "homonym" type registration used to perpetrate spam, phishing, fraud, or any activities deemed by Tonic to be inappropriate or illegal may be removed from the .TO zonefile without notice to the registrant.

Tonic is very serious about keeping the .TO domain spam-free. We have revoked - and will continue to revoke - registrations if we believe they are directly or indirectly responsible for the distribution of spam. If your domain name is being used, for example, for URL or email redirection cpr144449003101 you are responsible for each of your user/customer's behavior with respect to spam. If your business plan relies on making it easier for spammers to protect their identity while proliferating unsolicited bulk email, then there's a pretty good chance that we'll be revoking your domain name sometime in the future.

If you are planning to use your .TO domain for free URL redirection, be forwarned that this business is very difficult to run without becoming a spam harbor.