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.tc Domains Dispute & Policy

Last Update 20 August 2012. The most recent source for .tc domain policy regarding arbitration can be found at:


a) If an applicant disputes the Company's decision to terminate this agreement or to suspend delegation of a name the Company will, at the applicant's request, refer the termination or suspension to an Arbitrator for a written decision whether the action was justified.
b) The Arbitrator will be chosen at random from among the list of independent experts kept by the Company.
c) The Company will within 7 cpr144449003101 days of the appointment of the arbitrator:-
i) Supply him with copies of all documents (to include letters, e-mails and faxes) in its possession relevant to the dispute.
ii) Notify the applicant who the arbitrator is, supply the applicant with copies of all documents sent to the arbitrator and invite the applicant to send the arbitrator a submission in writing within 14 days.
d) The Arbitrator, who shall decide on the basis of written submissions only, shall give his decision in writing to the Company and the applicant within 28 days of his receipt of the documents referred to in (c)(i) above.
e) The Arbitrator's decision shall be final.
f) The costs of the arbitration shall be paid in equal parts by both parties.