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.surf FAQ

.surf General FAQ

.surf, one of the new proposed generic top-level domains is intended for use by the surfing community and businesses. The sport became popular in the 1960's and has been growing ever since. The popularity of the sport has directly influenced other sports, fashions and music.

Adrenaline TLD, Inc. the applicant for .surf believes that the 20 million people in the surfing community should able to connect to their passion of surfing with the .surf domain name. According to Adrenaline TLD, the surf industry has global sales over $7 billion annually. The potential for your business is limited only by your reach. Reach new customers and access dedicated markets by registering your .surf domain name. Get your products seen by dedicated customers and grow every aspect of your business. Sunglasses, footwear, accessories, watches and boards are just some of the products your brand covers. Grow brand recognition in a community dedicated to their action sport with a .surf domain name. Build trust and link yourself to a global web community that loves to surf as much as you love to help them surf.
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