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Why should I buy a .st domain name?

Beyond the country code top level domains (ccTLDs) to represent specific countries, some ccTLDs have been repurposed to be used more generically, like .st which is the country code top level extension for the country Sao Tome and Principe. This extension has been repurposed to represent websites that feature abbreviations for the word "street, Star Trek" and names of geographical locations or business entities. Other examples of using .st to represent a general-use domain are: The Washington Post who uses .st as a part of their domain: .st URL serves as a redirect which they use to lead readers to various articles on their site. Another example is a company called SmallTalk, who affiliates their programming language cpr144449003101 community with .st. It has also been used to represent geographical areas. In Styria, located in Austria, the .st is used by a few small business located in the Styria area. .st has also been used in South Tyrol, an autonomous, chiefly German-speaking, Italian province, uses the .st to abbreviate the German name of Sudtirol in opposition to Italy's .it. Not only are you able to use .st to represent your organization in Sao Tome, but it has great advantages and is a unique way for those that are seeking a domain name to represent a general use domain for their geographical location, business or organization, interests and specific representation of the meaning that goes along with .st.