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.ski FAQ

.ski General FAQ

.ski, one of the new proposed generic top-level domains is intended for use by the skiing community and businesses. Whether its water or snow, skiing is a popular sport and continues to grow worldwide.

Adrenaline TLD, Inc., the applicant for .ski believes that the sport is a passion, a way of life and you should share it. So why not share it with a global community that feels your passion for skiing. Register a .ski domain name and share with like minded people or instantly find relevant content related to you. With the help of like minded, passionate people the ski sports industry has exploded globally and you are playing your part.

Registering a .ski domain name puts you directly in touch with customers looking for what you have to offer and increases your relevancy with the customers you want to reach. Rise above the clutter of the existing internet. Your brand plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry. Register your brand as a .ski domain name and help shape the new internet age. Create spaces without boundaries and be part of the movement that raises the profile of sport your brands are dedicated too.
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