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What name can I register?

Domain holder declares that it will see to it that it used domain directly or indirectly violate the rights of third parties, in particular trademark rights, use of trade names or other rights of intellectual property, and if the breach itself is responsible for damages caused to third parties . Domain holder acknowledges that the Domain name is inadmissible in any case considers the use of the word, which is the dominant element.

a) trade mark registered in the Industrial Property Office,
b) International trade mark is protected for the SR, respectively.
c) well-known mark, regardless of country of origin, which holds a user or a person other than the next holder.

Domain holder applying for registration of the domain shows that the knowledge of possible violations specified in this section of rules and regulations cpr144449003101 applying all efforts that can fairly claim to it, to ensure that the registered domain will be the law and violate the law.

Domain names may not have a derogatory or vulgar meaning.