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What name can I register?

Registrants must have presence in Tanzania and demonstrate ‘intent to use’ of the domain name on the internet. Vanity and place mark registration are not permitted. One registration is allowed per organization. You also must have secondary name server on a different backbone.

The Domain Name, its registration or use may not infringe or cyber-squat third parties’ rights to other Domain Names, registered trademarks, trade names, names, business names, or legal regulations dealing with unfair competition, protection of person etc. Submitting an application for a Domain Name registration, the Holder confirms that being aware of the potential infringement of the above-specified rights and legal regulations, he/she has made every endeavor to a reasonable extent so as to make sure that no such rights and legal regulations are infringed by the registered Domain Name. The Holder shall be liable for damages caused to tzNIC by stating incorrect or misleading data or using a Domain Name contrary to the Rules of Registration or in a manner infringing third parties’ rights.

"Bad usage of a domain name" – Bad usage (bad faith) of a domain name may be demonstrated where:

(a) the domain name was registered primarily for the purpose of selling the domain name to a party holding a right validly recognized or established in Tanzania;
(b) the domain name has been registered in order to prevent the holder of a validly recognized or established name in Tanzania from reflecting this name in a corresponding domain name;
(c) the domain name was registered primarily for cpr144449003101 the purpose of disrupting the business of a competitor;
(d) the domain name was intentionally used to attract Internet users, for commercial gain, to a web site by creating a likelihood of confusion with a name corresponding to a right validly recognized or established in Tanzania, such likelihood relating to the source, sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of the web site; or
(e) the domain name registered is a personal name for which there is no demonstrable link between the holder and the domain name registered.

A registered domain name shall be subject to revocation, where that name is identical or confusingly similar to a name in respect of which a right is recognized or established by national laws; or where;

(a) such name has been registered by its holder without rights or legitimate interest in the name; or
(b) has been registered or is being used in bad faith.