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.nyc General FAQ

.nyc is the proposed top-level domain for New York City. The state of New York and New York City is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with approximately 50 million visitors per year. New York exerts a powerful impact upon global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, and entertainment.

.nyc will be one of the more sought after new toplevel domains. There are three different applicants hoping to manage .nyc. Regardless of who ends up operating this top-level domain, there will be a vast amount of benefits in owning a .nyc. .nyc will create an exclusive online presence for New York City businesses, organizations, institutions, citizens or anyone else looking to promote their connection to the city. Small businesses and organizations will have access to more desirable, short and descriptive domain names. New York City is recognized around the world and the .nyc will undeniably display the association to the city. has inspirations to empower the city by the creation of a trusted top-level domain .nyc that will provide global access to New York City's ideas, services and products. Their mission is to facilitate civic, community, cultural, and commercial advancement in New York City by advocating for the acquisition, development and operation of the .nyc TLD as a public interest resource, and to educate New York's residents and organizations about the techniques and opportunities the .nyc offers for improving our lives and our city.

dotNYC, a company of internet veterans based in New York City who is working with the Mayor's office and the City Council is looking to provide New York City with its own top-level domain and to operate it for the benefits of the residents and business of New York. The group hopes to provide all city agencies and departments with free .NYC web access and create jobs in marketing, designing and programming .NYC websites.
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The other applicant Name.Space is dedicated to operating the .nyc domain as a way to bring positive social, economic and ecological change to New York City. Funds raise by .nyc beyond its operating and management costs, will be put into a fund that supports Microfinance lending for local small businesses, free wireless Internet for K-12 students, one laptop-per-child for New York City public school students, community arts and cultural projects, and other projects and causes members can suggest and vote on.