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What name can I register?

15. Applicant's responsibilities and duties

15.1 Before submitting an application, applicants must familiarize themselves with the domain name policy. Applicants shall ensure that the registration of the domain name does not violate the domain name policy or Norwegian law or the rights of third parties, and does not create an unwarranted impression of being associated with public-sector administration or the exercise of public powers. Norid does not undertake any checking of this. The applicant bears the sole responsibility, including criminal liability and liability for damages, for consequences of the registration and use of the domain name.

15.2 The applicant is obliged to comply with the domain name policy for the .no domain in force at any time. The domain name policy is available at

15.3 The applicant must provide correct information, both at the time of application and for as long as the registration is maintained.

15.4 The applicant must keep the registered information (both cpr144449003101 contact and technical information) up to date at all times.

15.5 The applicant must reply to queries from Norid regarding the continued accuracy of the registered information. The applicant must then document the information provided.

15.6 Before submitting an application, the applicant must sign a declaration form (Appendix G) certifying inter alia that, to the best of his or her knowledge, registration or use of the name does not violate any third party's registered or unregistered rights to the name, and does not violate Norwegian law as discriminatory, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise illegal, and does not create an unwarranted impression of being associated with public-sector administration or the exercise of public powers. In the declaration form, the applicant agrees that the registry may withdraw an assigned domain name when it is obvious that the assignment is in conflict with conditions that have been mentioned or with the domain name policy in any other way. The declaration form is to be signed and sent by fax, as a scanned attachment to email, or by ordinary post to a registrar who is obliged to keep it on file. If a copy is sent, the applicant must keep the original. The applicant is obliged to present the original at Norid's request.

15.7 If a complaint is laid against the applicant's registration in accordance with the rules and procedures that the domain name policy stipulates for complaints, the applicant agrees to participate in the complaint process, as well as to be bound by the decision of the ADR Committee. The applicant accepts the obligation to cover the complaint fee, which amounts to 4 times the court fee, if the complainant wins the dispute..