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.WS is the Internet country top-level domain (ccTLD) for Samoa. Located in Oceania, Samoa is a group of Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The .WS is an abbreviation for "Western Samoa," although intended as a country domain name it can also be used as an abbreviation for ‘website' and an alternative for Western Samoa's country extension. Many use .WS domain name as part of their generic or common word phrase, like e.g. and very short names like, e.g. cpr144449003101 Since anyone can register the .WS, it has become popular and is used as an abbreviation for the word ‘website.' And those looking for a domain name that's catchy and one that uniquely stands out often use the .WS. The .WS is operated by SamoaNIC (Computer Services Ltd. Samoa). All Western Samoan domain names are registered through them. While there are no geographic restrictions on registration of 2nd level .WS domains, there are restrictions on registration of 3rd level .WS domains (,,, etc.).