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What name can I register?

The Registrant will not, directly or indirectly, through registration or use ofthe .SB Domain name or otherwise:

(a)register a .SB Domain name for the purpose of unlawfully divertingtrade from another business or website;

(b)deliberately register as a .SB Domain name misspellings ofanother entity's personal, company or brand name or cpr144449003101 confusinglysimilar Domain name(s) in order to pass-off or trade on thebusiness, goodwill or reputation of another;

(c)grant or purport to grant a security interest or other encumbranceon or over the .SB Domain name unless such security interest orother encumbrance does not exceed the limited rights of theRegistrant in the .SB Domain name, does not impair theRegistrant's ability to fulfill the Registrant's obligations under thisAgreement, and does not impose obligations on the NICSBbeyond the obligations owed by the NICSB to a registrant in theabsence of such a security interest or encumbrance.