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.music FAQ

.music General FAQ

.music is the proposed new top-level domain for the global music industry and community. In this digital world, branding is key, especially in the music industry. The internet has helped musicians, artists, bands, industry professionals and companies market themselves more effectively and connect to their fans. .music will take this a step further providing an exclusive, global identity to the music community.

The applicant dotMusic primary focus is to help the music community by launching a dedicated .music top-level domain platform that enables .music registrants to connect with other .music registrants, including musicians, bands, industry professionals, music companies, brands as well as fans.

The objective of dotMusic .music domain is to offer artists, industry professionals and music companies a safe haven and trusted Internet zone that Internet users can identify as authenticated, verified, credible, organized and consistent. This ensures that monies will flow directly to the artists and the music community, not to pirates or illegitimate website owners. This added level of authenticity will also increase customer trust, awareness and loyalty towards the brand name the .music domain is associated with.

Artists will be able to create unique song .music web addresses to help them market new single releases more efficiently. Giving each song a dedicated address makes searching for songs on the web much faster and easier by simply entering it direct-to-browser:

Why does the Music Community need .music domain name?
Today's best practice for selecting an optimized domain name is ensuring that the domain name is highly-relevant, short and memorable. The less characters to convey what you represent the more effective the branding and marketability.

Finding a desired domain name has become increasingly difficult for artists, industry professionals and cpr144449003101 music companies because nearly all single-word domain names and close misspellings are already registered.

Established artists and bands such as the Eagles, the Police, the Doors, Kiss, Queen, Muse, Prince, Tool, Pink, Muse, ABBA, The Carpenters, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Genesis, Scorpions, Journey, Chicago, Glay, Nirvana, Oasis, REM, Roxette, even Justin Bieber do not have their exact names in .COM. Since most bands use generic keywords for their artist brand names, the availability of those domain names are limited and buying them from their current domain owners will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions depending on the popularity of the generic keyword and its type-in traffic.

To add to the confusion, artists whose exact brand name match is not available in .COM, do not choose universally-consistent keywords to help fans remember what their official websites are. For example, the Justin Bieber official website is, the official Queen site is, the official Eagles site is and the official Muse site is

The .music Top-Level Domain will remove second-guessing and enable direct navigation to the artist's official website by simply typing in the artist's brand name and then followed by .music into the web browser. For example:,, and The .music domain will replace the ineffective and risky domain name structure that exists today in music. Under the .music trusted umbrella, the new paradigm of navigating music websites is consistent, fast, simple and authenticated.