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Love, is an intense feeling of deep attraction, something most people cannot live without. Love is one of the most popular topics on the internet. Today there is an enormous amount of content on the web related to love, relationships and romantic. There are dating websites, couples counseling, advice forums, wedding planning and more all intended to help people find love or preserve it. .love will suit any website pertaining to the topic of love and will create positive brand for your website.

Dot Love, Inc. intend to apply to ICANN to serve as the .love registry to distribute .love as an Internet domain name. .love holds the potential to generate substantial revenue through the sale of domain names to specific markets. Dot Love, Inc. would use this revenue to provide – in a professional manner – philanthropic donations to non-profit organizations all over the world that care for others. But there is also very real symbolic value in securing .love for a non-profit purpose. The internet also exists as an achievement at the pinnacle of humanity. To distribute .love as a purely commercial internet exercise is an uninspiring statement on the human condition, Dot Love, Inc. offers an alternative to this possibility, as love is too precious to global society to be sold with such indifference. Utilizing .love and the internet as a strategy to care for others presents many challenges. We very much need the support of others to achieve this goal. .love will not be associated with the commercial sex industry.
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