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What name can I register?

Reserved Words and String Patterns

A list of reserved names is maintained by the Registry at its discretion in consultation with the Insular Authorities (the Islands' Governments). This list is not open to inspection. Certain words and string patterns are also reserved to allow for future expansion of the Internet naming system. The Registry may decline your application if it is for a name which is so reserved.

Registration of certain string patterns (for example, those consisting entirely of numbers, or containing two consecutive hyphens) may be subject to additional conditions, special procedures or not accepted for general registration.

Where certain domain names (which because of changes to the registration rules and/or standards would not today be accepted for registration) have been registered historically, their registration and use may be continued indefinitely by the Registrant, provided all other terms and conditions of the registration agreement are complied with (in particular, the conditions regarding payment of fees and accuracy of information). However, re-registration or transfer will not normally be permitted in cases where the Registry has cancelled the registration for non-payment, or other breach of the Registration Agreement.

Warranty cpr144449003101 by Applicant

By applying for an Internet Domain Name in the Channel Islands Registry (.GG or .JE), you certify and warrant that you have the right to use the name that you have applied for, and you agree that you will fully indemnify the Registry in respect of any dispute involving the Registry (including the legal, management and incidental costs thereof) which might arise over the use or registration of any of your Domain Names.

Use of domain names for criminal or illegal purposes

It is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of our Agreement that you do not use, or permit the use, of any GG or JE domain for illegal or unlawful purposes.

If it reasonably appears to the Registry in consultation with its own legal advisers, and/or the relevant Insular Authorities (for example, members of the Channel Islands Governmental Advisory Committee on Domain Names and the Internet, the Law Officers of the Crown in either Bailiwick or the Islands' police forces) that a domain name is being used in contravention of the law of any of the British Islands, or to promote or assist such contravention, the Registry (whether using its own discretion or upon receiving a complaint about use of a domain for such purposes) may suspend or cancel the domain without notice, or by giving such notice as appears to be reasonable to the Registry in the circumstances.