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What name can I register?

Roles and Responsibilities - Registrant

4.1 The core requirements of registrants are to keep all their information current and accurate, and to pay, as they become due, all the charges associated with their domain name.
4.2 Obligations and responsibilities of the registrant to the registrar are set out in the registrant's agreement with its registrar. That agreement must be consistent with the .nz Registrant Agreement Core Terms and Conditions. The responsibilities set out below are the minimum standards of behaviour required to operate in the .nz DNS:
4.2.1 Comply with all of the obligations as listed in the Registrant Agreement.
4.2.2 Ensure all information given to the registrar is accurate and complete.
4.2.3 Keep the registrar informed of changes to information in the register or required by the registrar.
4.2.4 Confirm the information held on the register associated with their domain name through doing a "whois" search on the register.
4.2.5 Ensure their use of a domain name will not infringe anybody's intellectual property rights, and protect the registrar, and everybody the registrar is in any business relationship with to provide services to the registrant, from any such claim.
4.2.6 Ensure the registrar's services, and the domain name, are not used for an unlawful purpose.
4.2.7 Ensure that any order of any authority having jurisdiction regarding any domain name registered to a registrant is complied with.
4.2.8 Ensure everyone the registrant is responsible for, or who uses a domain name registered by the registrant, carries out the duties listed in this policy.
4.2.9 Take complaints about the registrar up with the registrar in the first cpr144449003101 instance before presenting it to the DNC who will decide whether to investigate it.
4.2.10 Raise any claim or dispute within 60 days from the date the relevant service was supplied to them.
4.3 Registrants are reminded that registrars are not obliged to accept:
4.3.1 any registrant; or
4.3.2 any responsibility for managing any domain name.
4.4 When a registrar gives a registrant formal notice of the registrar's intention to cancel the Registrant Agreement, the registrant must transfer their domain names to another registrar before the date of cancellation, as specified in the notice. Any names not transferred at the end of the notice period may be cancelled by the registrar upon the cancellation of the Registrant Agreement.
4.5 Once a name has been registered the registrant may specify further sub-domains that can appear to the left of the registered name. These sub-domains are outside the scope of .nz policy and are the responsibility of the registrant. They are however, expected to be in the spirit of RFC1591.
4.6 The registrar obligations in clause 3.9 of this policy also apply to registrants.
8.8 Sanctions against registrants may include, but are not limited to:
8.8.1 Domain name registration cancellation where: WHOIS information is found to be incorrect. First, the DNC or registrar shall make such attempts as the DNC considers appropriate to get the information corrected. Then, if the information remains incorrect, the domain name registration may be cancelled. If necessary the domain name registration may be cancelled without notice to the registrant; The registrant has obtained the domain name by fraud or deception. In this situation the DNC, upon receiving a complaint from a registrar, may cancel the domain name without warning. NB: the DNC will not make any attempt to recover monies owed to the registrar.