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What name can I register?

Reserved Names
A list of Reserved Names has been held back for government and registry use. These names are not available for registration by the public.

Premium names are highly valuable .ME domains, such as key-words and generics, which naturally create call-to-action and catchy marketing messages chiefly due to their memorability and multiplicity of meaning . A number of .ME premium names has been already turned to successful online services receiving tons of traffic.

The allocation criteria of premium domains is as follows:

1. The name must be used as the primary URL for a web site, a product site, or a service site.

2. The web site, product, or service cannot contain or promote sexually oriented material or advertising.

3. The applicant (i) cannot intend to use the name for personal use, cpr144449003101 (ii) cannot apply as an individual, and (iii) cannot be a sole proprietorship.

4. The applicant must be able to demonstrate significant traffic, or make an offer of a one-time payment of no less than EUR 20,000 (does not include annual registration fees). Significant traffic means average daily unique visitors of no less than 15,000 (or minimum of 450,000 per month). A proportional mix of traffic and one-time payment is also acceptable, for example, 7500 unique visitors per day and a EUR 10,000 one- time payment.

5. Applicant must agree to the other terms of the template agreement (attached), including a minimum 3 year term and restricted rights during that minimum term.

Once your domain is approved, the registry will provide you with an authorization code which you can use to transfer the domain into your account with 101Domain.

Abusive practices include but are not limited to: spam (e-mail and similar abuses such as instant messaging spam, mobile messaging spam, and the spamming of Web sites and Internet forums), phishing, pharming, willful distribution of malware, distribution of child pornography, and illegal access to other computers or networks. In addition to any other rights of doMEn, doMEn reserves the right to deny or cancel the registration, renewal, or transfer of any .ME domain name, or to place any .ME domain name on registry lock, hold, or similar status, with respect to any such domain name that doMEn, upon reasonable belief deems is being used in a manner that facilitates abusive behavior, including the above.