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What name can I register?

1.11 Domain name: a name proposed by the Applicant subject to the Commission's approval, or one that is chosen by mutual agreement of the parties. Such name shall:

1.11.1 be from 2 to 63 figures as maximum, with only Latin letters ("A" - "Z") and numbers ("0" - "9") in addition to the dash symbol (-) on condition that it begins with a letter and ends with a letter or number only, and that the name is not affected by the letter case (capital or small).
1.11.2 Registration of a Domain name does not grant any legal rights or ownership to this name, it is a symbolic address used on the Internet.
1.11.3 Domain names of States, cities, religions, celebrities, tribes, protocols …etc will not be registered but for the entities and commissions that officially represent such names.
1.11.4 Domain names with improper, provocative words and names, or are incompatible with the public decency or the Iraqi rules and regulations shall not be approved.
1.11.5 If a name under the domain ( is a name of a person or family, two digits should be added, at minimum, to such names. Compound names are excluded from such provision.
1.11.6 Sooner requests will have priority in registration process by the Commission. Still, the cpr144449003101 Commission reserves the right to refuse or revoke a domain name registration for the public interest.
1.11.7 Chosen names shall be linked to those of Applicants and their activities and properties.
1.11.8 Registration for a domain name is not intended for the purpose of subsequent trading (whether in the form of selling or leasing), but only for the exclusive use by the entity which the domain name was allocated to. The Commission will revoke all domain names given to violating entities.
1.11.9 Domain names shall not be used for any activities contradict to the laws in force inside Iraq.1.11.10 Eliminated or deleted domain names shall be available for registration again after (3) days from the date of elimination or deletion.
1.11.11 It is impermissible to transfer domain names from entity to anotherafter being registered other than in the case of a sale or merger of the utilizing entity with another one. If an Applicant was terminated or revoked, the Commission reserves the right to cancel all domain names registered to such Applicant.
1.11.12 For the purposes of activating a reserved name, the Commission must be provided with the name and address of two DNS servers (major and minor) connected to the Internet.