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What name can I register?

In the following cases registration of domain name can be rejected:

  • If claimed domain name has already been registered under other persons name;
  • If documents submitted for the registration of domain name have not been properly executed;
  • If unethical and unquotable words or phrases are used in domain name;
  • If not conformed to the technical cpr144449003101 rules indicated in item 3.1. (;
  • If domain name has not been constructed in conformity with the rules indicated in item 3.2. (;
  • If use of this domain name violates rights of other persons and organizations (if the name of other legal entity, trade mark or natural person is used).
  • Substantiated decision on rejection of registration of domain name is presented to Registrant within 3 days. Registrant can file an appeal against this decision.