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What name can I register?

The domain names can contain the English-language letters A through Z, and the numerals 0 through 9. Special characters such as the hyphen (-) are also allowed, but hyphens cannot begin or end your domain name. The domain name must be at least two characters long.

1. Must not be relevant to his majesty, royal family and royalties or the place that connects with his majesty, royal family and royalties.

2. Must not offend any person(s) or organization(s) reputation.

3. Must not be a name of any country, any name of the Kingdom of Thailand, a province of Thailand and also national public domain.

4. Must not be combined with rude or immoral words.

5. Must be relevant to the English domain cpr144449003101 name which is referred to as the following:
a. Has the same pronunciation.
b. Has the same meaning.

* Exemption: If your registered English domain name is derived from the English name of a company, institute, and /or organization you can register your Thai domain name by the Thai name of your company, institute, and / or organization even if the names from each language don't have the same pronunciations or meanings.

7. In the case that the requested domain name has been rightfully registered by another, you are to register another name that complies with the same conditions.

8. THNIC has privilege to consider and decide the final state of Thai domain name.