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What name can I register?

(1) By applying for the registration of an .rs domain within rsTLD registry, that is, by agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the Registrant undertakes that, to the best of their knowledge and in their honest belief, the registration of the requested domain does not injure somebody else's intellectual property or any other subjective rights and that all data specified in the application for the registration of the .rs domain is true and complete. The Registrant also declares that they do not request the registration of the domain in opposition to the principle of conscientiousness, honesty and good business practices, and that they will not knowingly use the .rs domain contrary to these principles.

(2) RNIDS shall not bear responsibility for damages caused by incorrect data on the registration of an .rs domain, or by unauthorized or illegal use of an .rs domain

.RS domain names within the .rs TLD registry are registered in the following domain name spaces:
.rs – intended for all interested users; – intended for business users; – intended for all cpr144449003101 other users who are legal entities; – intended for educational institutions and organizations; – intended for users who are individuals (delegated) ‒ intended for the academic, scientific and research network of Serbia; (delegated) – intended for the government bodies of the Republic of Serbia.