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.im FAQ

What name can I register?

Internationalised domain names are not currently offered and so domain namesthat start with the characters "xn--" (i.e. "xn" followed by two dashes) may not be registered.

The complete domain name may not be more than sixty-four Characters long in total, but can be any number from 3 to 64 (inclusive of ".im").

Content restrictions on Domain Names and maintenance of the restricted word lists.

An application for a domain name may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • It is included on the .im Black List;
  • Is on the Reserved Domain cpr144449003101 List and is unavailable for registration;
  • Upon review by the Designated Official if the domain name is deemed to be profane or otherwise undesirable it may be withdrawn and added to the Black List retrospectively.
  • An application for a domain may be referred for approval if it includes words or terms which are in the list for referral. This includes words, which are connected to regulated activities on the Isle of Man.

    The lists of undesirable words and words for referral are maintained by us in consultation with the Isle of Man Government and are not in the public domain.

    The lists are subject to change without notice.