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What name can I register?

Providing true, current, complete, and accurate contact information is an absolute condition of registration.

The Registrant grants an irrevocable licence to the Registry, its agents and assigns to access, monitor and scan any content published, including where such processes involve an intrusion or cause modification of data, providing such scanning is for the purpose of identifying internet security vulnerabilities or the presence of malicious software or content capable of causing harm or disruptionto the systems of other Internet users.

The Registrant will not sub-licence, purport to sub-licence, delegate subdomains within or otherwise permit use by persons other than the Registrant of portions of, the Domain name;
to the best of the Registrant's knowledge and belief, neither the registration of the Domain name nor the manner in which it is to be directly or indirectly used infringes the legal rights or intellectual property rights of a third party;
the Registrant will use, display, or exploit the Domain name in good faith, and in accordance with the laws of Haiti, international law, and applicable state laws and regulations, and will not use the Domain name in any way which may violate a subsisting right of the Registry or any third party;
the information provided by the Registrant is true and accurate, and the Registrant will update said information immediately if it changes;
the Registrant will not, directly or indirectly, through cpr144449003101 registration or use of the Domain name or otherwise:
(a) register a Domain name for the purpose of unlawfully diverting trade from another business or website;
(b) deliberately register as a Domain name misspellings of another entity's personal, company or brand name or confusingly similar Domain name(s) in order to pass-off or trade on the business, goodwill or reputation of another;
(c) grant or purport to grant a security interest or other encumbrance on or over the Domain name unless such security interest or other encumbrance does not exceed the limited rights of the Registrant in the Domain name, does not impair the Registrant's ability to fulfill the Registrant's obligations under this Agreement, and does not impose obligations on the Registry beyond the obligations owed by the Registry to a registrant in the absence of such a security interest or encumbrance.

Any content, material or web page contained on any Uniform Resource Locator ("URL"), web site or web page accessing, utilising or accessed by means of the Domain name complies with the Registry Acceptable Use Policy and does not contain any illegal or prohibited content, including, but not limited to indecent, obscene, or pornographic material (as described more fully in the Acceptable Use Policy), whether incorporated directly into or linked from a web site resolved via a Domain name.

Full Registrant Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy will be sent to your email upon registration.