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.hotel General FAQ

.hotel is one of the new proposed generic top-level domains (gTLD) which will be exclusively dedicated to hotels, their organizations and the hotel business worldwide. Anyone who has ever booked a hotel online knows that searching for a quality hotel can be difficult because you can never be entirely sure the information provided is accurate or a reputable source. .hotel is designed to take that uncertainty away by creating a name that can be recognized as trustworthy, relevant and of good standing.

.hotel will enable members of the hotel industry the ability to register distinguished and memorable domains that will help solve existing challenges in a strong growing online hotel business. Owning a .hotel will gain better search engine rankings and results and save hotels from paying provisions to booking portals. The applicant, Hotel Top-Level Domain GmbH has a vision for .hotel to become a connected name space for the communication and interaction of all participants of global hotel business on the internet. For customers and hotel guests .hotel will mean security, reliability, trust and credibility.
Source: cpr144449003101