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.health General FAQ

.health is one of the new proposed generic top-level domains (gTLD). Searching for health related information online is among the most commonly performed internet activities. The internet provides an efficient and discreet way to obtain medical information. Many people are searching for information to self-diagnose as well as to determine or evaluate treatment options. .health will create a centralized location on the internet for health related websites and could also help distinguish whether a website's content is reliable.

The Internet provides for an efficient means for obtaining medical information, and when such information is accurate, reliable and appropriate, it can play an important role in empowering health stakeholders. For consumers, the consequences of poor quality online information can be very serious, often leading to unnecessary costs, risks, harm and even death. DotHeath hope to empower health stakeholders with services and solutions that will build and ensure trust in online and mobile health information and resources.
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