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Can anyone register a domain name?

YesAre Individual domain registrations allowed?

YesCompany or legal entities registrations allowed for

YesAre there requirements, documents, or information needed for

Intended for any organization, company and/or individuals connected with the Gyeongnam region.

Companies: Copy of government issued company business registration in Korea with proof of company address in both English and Korean languages.
Individuals: Korean ID card.
A local administrative contact with a valid phone number is required for both.

YesAre some domain names restricted?

Violating rights to third parties, activities contrary to South Korean law are prohibited.

NoDoes domain have a special use?


NoOther information I need to know about

NoAre there any additional fees for

NoDo I need a trademark/brand name to register

NoWHOIS Privacy service available? Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees?