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.gy Domains Dispute & Policy

Disputes Involving Registrants. The Registrant acknowledges that NICGY cannot, and does not, screen or otherwise review any Application to verify that the Registrant has legal rights to use a particular character string in a .GY Domain name. In the event that any party disputes the Registrant's legal right to use, display, exploit, or register the .GY Domain name in any fashion, including allegations that prohibited material (as defined in the NICGY Acceptable Use Policy) is displayed on or linked to from a website which is resolved via a .GY Domain name, the Registrant shall act in accordance with and agree to be bound by NICGY's Complaint Resolution Policy and Service.

The Registrant is strongly encouraged to, prior to applying for registration of the .GY Domain name, perform a trademark search with respect to the acronyms, words and/or phrases comprising the .GY Domain name. The Registrant will be solely liable in the event that the Registrant's use of a .GY Domain name constitutes an infringement or other violation of a third party's rights.

The most recent source for .gy domains Acceptable cpr144449003101 Use policy can be found at:

Persons who wish to notify NICGY of abusive conduct in violation of this AUP may report the same pursuant to the NICGY Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement Procedure, which is instituted by submitting to NICGY a completed NICGY Acceptable Use Policy Violation Complaint Form.