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.green General FAQ

.green has been proposed as one of the new generic top level domains (gTLD). The purpose of .green is to help individuals, communities, and industries go green by promoting the green movement, spreading information, and supporting environmental organizations and projects for the health and future of people and the planet. Shared community experiences such as environmental and climactic events have the potential to affect the entire human population. For the first time in human history, with the ever-expanding reach of the Internet, it is possible for a simultaneous and global green consciousness to develop in real time. .green will give citizens around the world, regardless of cultural or geographic borders, an opportunity to find a path towards sustainability.

Today there is a growing corporate social responsibility for innovative companies and business to be more concerned about our world's resources and the impact their businesses have on our Earth. Connecting with the .green movement will have a valuable impact on how your company is portrayed on the internet and will help increase awareness of a company's commitment of being green.
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