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Can anyone register a domain name?

YesAre Individual domain registrations allowed?

YesCompany or legal entities registrations allowed for

YesAre there requirements, documents, or information needed for

Companies: Business Registration certificate with a matching title to the domain or a matching trademark registration. Non-Turkish companies must also prove their business activity in Turkey by providing a distributors agreement, a license agreement, an invoice, etc.

Individuals: Matching trademark registration or provide a Turkish citizen ID card to register. Proof of doing business in Turkey is not required only if you have a trademark directly from Turkish Patent Institute or a company located in Turkey.

Select Trustee Service at checkout if you cannot provide the required information.

YesAre some domain names restricted?

Violating rights to third parties, names and activities that are offensive or illegal are prohibited. See FAQs for complete restrictions.

NoDoes domain have a special use?


YesOther information I need to know about

If you can't meet the requirements and would like to register a trademark, we offer low cost trademark registration in Turkey. As soon as the application is submitted, you can register your domain. Contact us for more information.

NoAre there any additional fees for

YesDo I need a trademark/brand name to register

NoWHOIS Privacy service available? Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees?

Trustee service requires a letter of authorization signed along with company stamp. Our trustee requires a Trademark or Business Registration, which matches the domain name. This document can originate from any country.