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4 - Domain names and their use
It is widely accepted by the Community Internet domain names are delegated only to be used. This means that a given domain name should not be applied for the sole purpose of reserve for future use or to prevent others from using it.

It is also considered a negative practice the act of applying the delegation of a specific domain with the purpose of selling, anticipating that there will be others interested in using it. This practice is known as cyber-squatting and currently represents the different NICs for a constant concern.

5 - Domain cpr144449003101 names and trademark registration
The delegation of domain names not related to the trademark registration system, so that the sole purpose of protecting the brand is not enough support to the delegation request. Do not forget that a domain is delegated to be used.

In this regard, we must remember that the trademark registration system allows the duplication of names because there are dozens of classes that separate them according to different markets, a phenomenon that does not play in the organization of the DNS, where usually there is only one field available to all retailers and brands.

Therefore, having a trademark is independent and of itself does not grant special rights to the NIC-PY to get a domain name identical or similar name that has already been delegated. However, it should be noted that the use of a particular domain name is always subject to all applicable laws, including those concerning trademarks and other intellectual property.