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By this contract stating that a party held by the Peruvian Scientific Network (hereinafter referred administrator), with RUC N °. 20111451592, located at Av Paul Carriquiry No. 410, San Isidro District, Province and Department of Lima, duly represented by its General Manager, and on the other hand the beneficiary of the domain name registration (hereinafter called OWNER) according to the information provided in the electronic application form, in the following terms and conditions:


AGREEMENT / CONTRACT REGISTRATION: All clauses contained in this document, together with the electronic application form and all additional clauses on the particular service contracted by the OWNER be entered on the website http://www.nic . eg, including the policy of delegation of domain names under ccTLD. PE, the Dispute Resolution Policy Domain Names under ccTLD. pe and its regulations, as well as complementary policies that can establish the Multisectoral Commission Policy Peruvian System of Domain Names (CMPD) and other applicable provisions.
ADMINISTRATOR / NIC. PE / REGISTRATION: An entity responsible for administering and granting the registration of domain names under the ccTLD. Pe, which according to ISO 3166-1 alpha 2, corresponds to the territory of Peru.
DISPUTE RESOLUTION CENTER (CRC) / resolver: Legal person accredited to manage, lead and resolve disputes concerning domain names and trademarks Peru.
CODE / PASSWORD: Passwords sent to the email account of the administrative contact and allow the integrated management of the corresponding domain, allowing who knows and uses all the changes are allowed on registration data and other modifications, including transfer thereof.
ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT: Natural or legal person who, in his email account, the ADMINISTRATOR has sent and given codes and passwords needed for the integrated management of the corresponding domain name. Also, the email account of this contact is to send all communications regarding the disputed domain name, such as payment notices for renovations, and other related communications. It is assumed that this contact acting by authority, custom representation or START, and is fully entitled to the comprehensive management of the domain name, so that neither ADMINISTRATOR, its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees , business partners and / or technical, shall be liable in any way for changes and / or make changes to such contact even if prejudice the rights of the holder. This contact is also responsible for providing all information necessary for billing for domain name registration and maintenance.
PAYMENT CONTACT: Person in charge receive legal nature it together with the administrative, payment information corresponding domain name.
TECHNICAL CONTACT: Natural or legal person responsible for receiving, together with the administrative, technical information corresponding domain name.
IP (Internet Protocol): Protocol for transmitting information over the Internet.
DOMAIN NAME: Set of characters that identifies a through DNS (IP) address on the Internet.
POLI? STICS APPLICABLE: Refers to The Politics of Delegation under ccTLD Domain Names. PE, the dispute resolution policy on domain names under the ccTLD delegates. PE, and the Rules applicable to the solution disputes concerning domain names under the ccTLD delegates. PE and any other applicable policy.
RECORDER: Legal person accredited to register domain names under the ccTLD unrestricted. Pe.
HOLDER OF A DOMAIN NAME / BENEFICIARY / REGISTRANT: Any person or corporation, domestic or foreign, which completes this form and forwards, so it can be shown the referral, to register a domain name under ccTLD. Pe, and the ADMINISTRATOR who grants the right to use the domain name applied for a limited period and under the terms of this contract, as well as other applicable policies contained in the website http :/ / The owner, by accepting this contract, understand that authorizes and delegates to the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT for all the necessary powers, with the only use of the codes and passwords that have been sent to your email account by the ADMINISTRATOR, manage to comprehensively and without any restrictions the domain name in question, including its transfer.
WHOIS: Database of free public access to information on a particular domain name under ccTLD. Pe


This contract involves the provision by the ADMINISTRATOR to the owner, the registration service and temporary maintenance of a domain name under ccTLD. Pe, which according to ISO 3166-1 alpha 2, corresponds to the territory of Peru. Payment for the service registration of domain names under ccTLD. Pe is a previously established by the Administrator according to a price table / year that the OWNER acknowledge and accept.


The OWNER of the domain name expressly represents and supports:

  1. You have read and know each and every one of the terms and conditions of this contract and other provisions applicable to it and available at, so that the mere filing of the electronic request to the Administrator, and acceptance of these contract terms imply acceptance record and express submission.
  2. That to the best knowledge and belief, the registration and direct or indirect use of the domain name requested does not infringe the rights of intellectual property of others, or presumed unfair competition, or some other act that infringes the rights of others or constitute administrative offenses or offenses in criminal cases. In any event, the OWNER shall be solely responsible for any byproduct of registration and use of appropriate domain name.
  3. That in case of changes in any of the clauses of this contract, or the provisions and / or policies, provided that the same have been duly notified, published or made any other means of knowledge of the OWNER and / or ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT by any media (including posting on the website with a notice not less than 30 calendar days, will apply to both sides automatically and compulsory. The OWNER recognizes that if these changes are unacceptable, you may terminate this agreement and cancel the domain name registration.
  4. Authorizing the Administrator and its trading partners and / or technical publication of the data provided in the electronic application for registration of domain names in the WHOIS system ADMINISTRATOR, in order to allow contact in the event of any conflict, and also recognizes that any other use other than the mentioned third party is responsible for them. It also allows only the ADMINISTRATOR to grant access to the information provided to the administrative and / or legal and Resolu Center? No Dispute that request.
  5. That codes and passwords provided by the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT MANAGER to provide the only appropriate way to identify the holder in their access to services, therefore, the holder acknowledges and agrees that all acts performed by using the codes and mentioned password shall be granted and shall be binding on it. It also acknowledges that the OWNER has sole responsibility for acts done by using codes and passwords by the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT or who knows them and / or use, so it promises to keep them secret, safeguard them with the care and due diligence, and not divulge to third parties, even temporarily.
  6. That, for all purposes, the administrative contact of the domain name is solely responsible for the integrated management thereof and the OWNER acknowledges that the legal powers it possesses sufficient and necessary, whether by representation or custom HOLDER for all modifications and / or changes in the registration of the domain name in question, even including the transfer thereof to third parties so that the OWNER shall not deny, ignore or reject such modifications and / or changes under any excuse or justification . In this respect the ADMINISTRATOR, its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees, business partners and / or technical support will not be liable in any way for changes and / or changes the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT make in the name domain in question using the codes and passwords provided by the board administrator for such purposes, even if such changes affect, impair or otherwise adversely affect the interests or rights of the OWNER.
  7. That will not hold the ADMINISTRATOR or any of its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees, business partners and / or technical; in any way and / or circumstances for any damages you may suffer if this procedure application and registration of domain name can not be finalized for any reason, or if the domain name registration is revoked or canceled after being finalized and processed.


The OWNER has the right:

  1. Once processed the application for domain name by the ADMINISTRATOR, and activated the domain name, use it for purposes that he has ordered.
  2. Transfer, assign or dispose of the domain name, according to the policies applicable to such a case, unless the constraints.
  3. for the administrator and his business partners and / or technical compliance with the technical and administrative functions that correspond efficiently, so that the resolution of domain name and their duties are guaranteed.

The Contractor agrees to:

  1. Comply with the timely payment of the sum established for maintenance of domain name registration. If no payment for maintenance of cpr144449003101 the domain name within established deadlines and extensions, the ADMINISTRATOR shall revoke the domain name registration and terminate all the representations made.
  2. Comply with each of the provisions of this contract registration, as well as other rules and policies.
  3. Honor and respect the changes that are established for this contract and all other rules and policies, then the period of advertising.
  4. Recorded and delivered to the application for registration and subsequent communications, accurate and has not been obtained by fraudulent means. The ADMINISTRATOR or its business partners and / or technicians are not required to verify information provided by the applicant and / or owner to determine the accuracy of it.
  5. To avoid forcing the ADMINISTRATOR or its business partners and / or technicians to third parties under any circumstance or reason.


In the event that an application for registration of domain names relating to one restricted (. GOB.PE,. MIL.PE Y. EDU.PE) must be observed, in addition, the following clauses:

  1. The Administrator may request the holder, even after the process of registration and activation domain, sending documentation to substantiate its capacity as suitable to hold the corresponding domain, according to the rules and policies applied to domain names restricted.
  2. ADMINISTRATOR shall notify the National Office of Government Electr_ónico and Informatics (ONGEI) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of all new domain registrations restricted. GOB.PE and. MIL.PE that you make. The ONGEI may make observation at any time in that register, shall be suspended for 30 working days from the date of receipt of the remarks by the ADMINISTRATOR. If ONGEI not say anything to the contrary the ADMINISTRATOR within that period, registration will be canceled, without any right of OWNER to claim refund for registration fees made.


Either party may terminate this contract, it is sufficient to send a communication to the other in that regard. If that is the administrator who terminate the contract, it shall send a communication to OWNER explaining the reasons why withdraws domain name issues? N. Should the OWNER who is resolved, this will operate immediately and automatically upon receipt of the communication by the Administrator in the case of revocation of the domain name under a judicial or administrative decision or award or resolution by a Dispute Resolution Center in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy in domain names under the ccTLD delegates. PE; that operate automatically revoked upon receipt by the Administrator of the appropriate resolution.

The resolution of contract and / or revocation of the domain name according to the above terms, shall not result in right to any party to demand compensation for damages, except for willful or culpably inflicted and derivatives in favor of the MANAGER. In any case, the termination of the contract will not affect the obligation of the domain name holder's payment of amounts that are pending, and legal actions that may correspond to the administrator for the collection of amounts due.

If by any facts derived from the issuance, use, modification or cancellation of registration of the domain name, the ADMINISTRATOR or any of its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees, business partners and / or you? technicians, become involved in any action, proceeding or judicial or administrative investigation of the HOLDER hold harmless and will reimburse any sum due to such events are forced to pay and legal fees and other reasonably have been incurred to defend against such actions, proceedings or investigations.


The ADMINISTRATOR agrees to act in good faith in relation to the OWNER at any time and provide their services efficiently, but can not guarantee the continuity of the same by external or incidents and contingencies beyond its control.

Also the ADMINISTRATOR is not responsible for errors caused by other organizations or persons involved in the entire registration process and integrated management of the domain name in question. In this respect the ADMINISTRATOR, its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees, business partners and / or technical support will not be liable in any way for changes and / or changes the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT make in the name domain using the codes and passwords provided by the ADMINISTRATOR for such purposes, even if such changes affect, impair or otherwise adversely affect the interests or rights of the OWNER or third parties.

The ADMINISTRATOR, nor its officers, managers, consultants, representatives, Board members, employees, business partners and / or technicians will be responsible for technical failures arising in the service, nor for damages or lost profits you may suffer HOLDER or third parties, such facts will not be liable for unauthorized access by third parties to information stored in their systems HOLDER and its loss or corruption.

This limitation of liability applies to any claim for damages direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, whether the claim is based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence) or other law. This limitation of liability shall apply both in respect of damages caused by use, misuse, or inability to use the services provided, and by the interruption, suspension or termination thereof, including damages suffered by third parties.


If any conflict between a third party trademark holder and the holder of the domain name, it is submitted to resolve the dispute that may arise in this regard by the Dispute Resolution Procedure in respect of domain names under delegated ccTLD. PE and its Regulations.

The OWNER agrees to abide by the decision made by the Panel of Dispute Resolution Center who met the cause, for questioning the domain name, even if the decision is to cancel or transfer the domain name to the third party holder trademark. Failure to comply with this requirement will determine the resolution of contract by the ADMINISTRATOR.


This contract has a duration similar to the registration deadline requested by the OWNER. At the end of that period, the domain name is automatically renewed with the timely payment of the renewal price set.

This registration agreement, as amended, shall remain in force for as long it remains enabled domain name registration to the owner.


The OWNER and the MANAGER expressly agree that the only official means of communication between both parties is valid e-mail the administrative contact and the ADMINISTRATOR.

In this regard, the OWNER expressly agrees that ADMINISTRATOR to convey all the information, reports and data relating to the management of the domain name in question to the email address that point ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT, including codes and passwords required to which made data changes, modifications and transfer of registration, payment notices for renewal, changes in this contract terms and applicable policies, and other relevant information related to the service provided and the registration of domain name in question.


If any part or provision of this contract is contrary to law and therefore invalid shall not affect the validity, effectiveness and enforcement of the remaining provisions of this contract in accordance with law. In any case, both parties agree to make every effort to fulfill the clause invalid to the extent permitted by law for each of them. If necessary, the parties agree by mutual agreement and in good faith to amend this clause void to enforce it in all its objectives and scope.


This contract shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Peru and all disputes arising under this contract or in connection therewith, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Lima, to which both parties submit expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, if they did, except that the Administrator shall, in its sole discretion, to call procedure in the courts of any other country in which the holder resides or in which are situated any of assets of this.

The OWNER declares having read this document, for which proceeds to accept it.