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What name can I register?

Names should not include trademarks of other parties or words which are not permitted in business names, unless the applicant is legally entitled to use such words. Names which are offensive, obscene, or may confuse or grossly mislead the public, should not be selected.

The following section describes the names that will not be allowed in the registry.

Any name which in the opinion of the Registrar suggests or is calculated to suggest, the patronage of the President or connection with the Government or any Government Department, Municipality or other Local Authority or with any society or body incorporated by an Act of Parliament, unless the applicant provides evidence that use of such name has been approved by the relevant Government Authority.

Top level domains (eg.,,,,,, etc.. ) and proposed new Global Top Level Domains.
Towns, provinces and abbreviations there of. (eg.,,,, etc..)
Names that may be offensive, obscene, or grossly misleading to any accepted religion, race, culture or tradition of Sri Lanka.

Generic names. Some cpr144449003101 names considered generic are:
Professions (eg.,, etc..)
Internet Services (eg. internet,,,,, etc..)

Other generic terms...
They are not registered under .lk, but may be registered under open second levels or to organizations,or associations which represent the relevant industry as a whole. However,any generic name starts with "e " or "e-" could be accepted.
Eg: e 'generic'.lk or e-'generic'.lk