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What name can I register?

TT Domain Name Policies

  1. Domains that are used as URL shorteners must include filters to block shortcuts to inappropriate content. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate removal of the concerned domain.
  2. 2. Registrants with web sites that are discovered to be risky (i.e., contain browser exploits, phishing, excessive popups, trojans, sypware etc.), either directly by the TTNIC or through complaints from Internet users, will be given 24 hours to remove the offending code before their domain is taken out of service. A second violation could lead to the permanent deletion of the domain.
  3. A registered domain is to be used solely by the Registrant. Sub-domains of such a domain are not to be provided to third parties whether for free or for a fee.
  4. Registrations are processed on a first come first served basis but we abide by International copyright rules.
  5. We do not support Registrars and so all registrations must be made through the TTNIC.
  6. Registrants are not restricted to have a local presence but those cpr144449003101 that do (i.e., have a local addresses) are provided discounted fees.
  7. All changes to registration details are free but we do not permit changes in the Registrant's name (except if a company has a name change)
  8. Domain names must include only letters, numbers, or hyphens ("-") and cannot have more than 63 characters. They cannot begin with a hyphen.
  9. Subdomains within are restricted to educational institutions within Trinidad and Tobago.
  10. Applications for subdomains within must be made directly with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and hence must follow their policies.
  11. We reserve the right to remove domains that provide objectionable content.
  12. We reserve the right to reject domain names that are deemed to be objectionable.