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Last Update 20 August 2012. Conditions for domain names under GL domain

1. Domain name
A domain name is composed of letters from A to Z and/or numbers from 0 to 9 including the possibility of using a hyphen as a separator.

A domainname must be provided by at least 2 Domain Name Servers (DNS)

2. Declaration
A declaration of a domain name is a registration and activation of a domain name. It is not possible to reserve a domain name for future use.

Upon declaration, the applicant must sign a waiver that states that the domain name does not infringe on existing copyright law (for trademarks, or the like). TELE Greenland does not investigate nor does it take responsibility for infringements on the rights of a outside party. All litigation shall be between the owner/user of the domain name. TELE Greenland is not responsible for the registration or use of the users domain name.

3. Registration
TELE Greenland registers the date and time of the receipt of the declaration. Under the condition that the desired domain name is not already registered will TELE Greenland then register the domain name as active after the DNS servers existence has been confirmed. TELE Greenland does not investigate the DNS servers correct entry for the domain name since this responsibility lies solely with the applicant. When the application has been processed written confirmation will be sent to the applicant.

An application can take up to 14 days to complete.

4. cpr144449003101 Transfer
The user of a domain name can transfer use of the name to a another party. The transfer shall contain information on the present user, future user, the current provider of Name Service and future provider of Name Service, and confirmation that all of the above parties are in agreement with such transfer.
5. Payment
An administrative fee is required for applications.

TELE Greenland charge an annual fee to cover the costs involved in the maintenance of a domain name service.

6. Authorization, cancellation and breach of contract
The users right to the domain name is first authorized after TELE Greenland sends its approval in writing.

Authorization of a domain name may be recalled in the case of late or missing payment.

7. Automated Registration
If a domain is registered/updated or otherwise modified using GL Registry provided interfaces, all requirements for signed waivers are waived. Any party using such an interface, must, as a condition of registration, ensure that the registrant they're acting for understands and accepts this agreement. In addition Tele Greenland may administratively terminate a domain registration, if the registrant is found to have violated any conditions herein.
8. Modification of terms
Tele Greenland may modify this agreement by publishing an updated version on, at least a month before the changes go into effect. In addition Tele Greenland will make a best-effort attempt to inform registrants and other relevant parties of updates.