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What name can I register?

(1) In submitting the application for registration of a domain, the Domain Holder gives an explicit assur-ance that all the data about them in the application is correct and that they are entitled to register and/or use the domain and, in particular, that the registration and intended use of the domain does not infringe anybody else's rights nor break any general law.
(2) DENIC is only permitted to terminate the contract on substantial grounds. These grounds include, in particular, any case in which:
a) the domain itself includes a manifestly illegal statement; or
b) the Domain Holder has entered into a written, unconditional commitment subject to criminal sanction not to use the domain, or the Domain Holder has issued a corresponding final declaration in proceed-ings for an interim injunction, or a corresponding final and absolute judgment on the substance of the case has been handed down against the Domain Holder; or
c) in a final and absolute judgement on the substance of the case, it has been determined that the registra-tion of the domain for the Domain Holder infringed the rights of others, or that the Domain Holder has issued a corresponding final declaration in proceedings for an interim injunction; or
d) the registration of the domain for the Domain Holder manifestly infringes the rights of others or is otherwise illegal, regardless of the specific use made of it; or
e) the Domain Holder has persistently breached substantial contractual duties and has remained in breach of them despite receiving a formal warning accompanied by a deadline for compliance; or
f) the data supplied to DENIC regarding the Domain Holder or the Administrative Contact is incorrect; or
g) it is impossible to establish the identity of the cpr144449003101 Domain Holder and/or the Administrative Contact from the data supplied; or
h) the Domain Holder not being domiciled in Germany, the formal service of a document on the Administrative Contact instigated by a third party has failed at two consecutive attempts; or
i) the Domain Holder, having abandoned their domicile in Germany and having received a formal warning accompanied by a deadline for compliance, fails to appoint an Administrative Contract domiciled in Germany; or
j) in the case of direct administration (§ 1 (3)), the Domain Holder fails to pay the domain charges despite receiving a formal warning accompanied by a deadline for compliance; or
k) following the reactivation of the duty to pay charges to DENIC (§ 4 (2) second sentence), the Domain Holder, having received a demand for payment accompanied by a threat of termination, fails within a month either to transfer the domain to another DENIC member for administration or to pay the domain charge to DENIC.
(3) Notwithstanding any furtherreaching legal rights it may have, DENIC has the right, when it gives notice of termination of the domain, to remove the domain and its technical data from the name servers for the Top Level Domain .de and to make the corresponding modifications to the data for the Technical Contact and the Zone Administrator.
(4) DENIC will not refund any domain charges already paid to it.